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One of the biggest financial commitments made in life is investing in property.

The best way to ensure that you have chosen the right property is by seeking professional advice from a chartered surveyor. They will act solely in your interest, act efficiently, and spare you from future financial pressures and heartache. A building survey provides detailed information about the condition of a property, which we tailor depending on your individual requirements, whether you are considering purchasing a property or wish to make repairs and alterations.

A property survey is one of the most important ways in which you can gain peace of mind and ensure you make the right decision.

At Conway Chartered Surveyors, we offer reliable, professional advice on the types of survey available. We provide clear, accessible reports tailored to your requirements. There are two main types of property survey – the Homebuyer’s Survey (Level 2) and the Building Survey (Level 3).

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What does a Level 3 Building Survey involve?

A Level 3 survey involves a detailed examination of all accessible parts of a property and can be tailored to suit your individual needs and concerns. It includes all major and minor faults, the implications of any defects and the possible cost of repairs. Our surveyor will examine closely the structure and condition of the building and, in some cases, may recommend specialist reports for drainage, electrical systems, central heating and timber diseases.

Once the survey is complete, a detailed technical report is published with advice not only on work that will be required in the immediate future, but also details of more long-term maintenance and repairs. A building survey does not include a valuation, although we will be able to provide a separate valuation report if required.

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